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Girl Code

Girl Code

*Not Available in PRINT - Available EXCLUSIVELY on Kindle & Kindle Unlimited*



Mickey Hill has been overlooked her entire life, but she’s learned how to use that to her advantage. She’s good at disappearing into her computer, hacking into other people’s worlds, even interrupting the real one without anyone ever noticing. When she was hired to take down a corrupt corporation, she knew it might turn dangerous but she thought she was prepared for anything… anything but him.

Dante Chinn has spent years compromising his personal life to make his career a success. He doesn’t have friends. He doesn’t have girlfriends and he certainly doesn’t have anyone he loves left in his life. He’s spent the past two years working deep undercover for one of the biggest corporations in the country but when they’re hacked just days before he can make the bust that would earn him a high-profile promotion, the case is the last thing on his mind.

He’d know that code anywhere and if he knows it, others might too. It belongs to a woman, a beautiful, smart, foul-mouthed, pain in the ass woman that Dante knows far too well and wants way too much. If Mickey is in danger, he has no choice but to protect her, even if seeing his face is the last thing she wants, it’s the one thing she needs.

What happens when fate forces these two back together and gives them a second chance? Can they overcome the hurt and distrust to come clean about their lies? Can they work together to stay alive long enough to take down the corrupt corporation on their heels or will their hearts end up as broken as Mickey’s code?


*Girl Code is a standalone novella length romance. It is part of the GIRL POWER COLLECTION, a set of books written by over 30 authors with one main premise in mind: Girl Power. Each book in the set features a female character in a job or position that is typically portrayed by males in both the romance genre and the real world. For more on this collection, head to Amazon now!

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